• Fully enclosed and sealed drive mechanism
  • Galvanised case supplied as standard on smoke system
  • Aerofoil section aluminium 100 mm wide blade
  • Blades fitted with rubber tip seals
  • Opposed or parallel blade operation
  • Fully motorised spring return open / close as required
    240v / 24v control
  • Drive spindle bearing enclosed within frame to minimise leakage
  • Construction complies with H.E.V.A.C. / B.S. requirements
  • Full range of sizes available
  • Available as rectangular, spigot, circular, and oval types
  • Site measure data sheet available on request
  • This damper will withstand high temperature
  • Tested @ 300 deg C min 1 hour - Test no CLF03038


Click here to download the data sheet.


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